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Michelle Bailey
Community Development Secretary
3200 West 300 North
West Point, UT 84015

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Business Licensing

Business License Applications
Business licensing and administration is overseen by Michelle Bailey.  Business licenses may be obtained by completing the appropriate application and paying the applicable fee.  Business licenses must be renewed yearly.  Ms. Bailey may be reached at (801) 776-0971.

Commercial Business

Solicitor's License

Home Based Businesses

*A Major Home occupation allows increased customers and traffic, a larger percentage of home usage,
and up to three outside employees
*A minor home occupation is a home based business with a limited amount of square footage of the home
being used, and a limited number of customers and employees at your home

 Day Care


West Point City - 3200 West 300 North - West Point, UT 84015 - 801-776-0970