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1-Apr-14 1-Apr-14     4-15-2014 Public Hearing
18-Mar-14 18-Mar-14     Notice of Bonds to be Issued
4-Mar-14 4-Mar-14     Summary Ordinance 03-18-2014
18-Feb-14 18-Feb-14      
4-Feb-14 cancelled      
31-Jan-14 31-Jan-14      
21-Jan-14 21-Jan-14      
7-Jan-14 cancelled      
17-Dec-13 17-Dec-13      
3-Dec-13 3-Dec-13      
19-Nov-13 19-Nov-13      
        Demonstration of Voting Equipment
5-Nov-13 cancelled     General Election Sample Ballot & Voting Schedule
        October 24, 2013 Public Hearing Plat Amendment
15-Oct-13 15-Oct-13 15-Oct-13- Animal Regulation    
1-Oct-13 1-Oct-13 01-Oct-13 - Fence Ordinance     
17-Sep-13 17-Sep-13      
3-Sep-13 3-Sep-13     September 3, 2013
        September 12, 2013 Planning Commission Public Hearing
20-Aug-13 20-Aug-13     2013 Primary Municipal Election Official Results
6-Auf-13  (Amended) 6-Aug-13 6-Aug-13   2013 Truth in Taxation Notice
20-July-13  (Amended) 16-Jul-13 16-Jul-13   2013 Primary Election Unofficial Results
2-Jul-13 cancelled     2013 Notice of City Council Mid-Term Vacancy
18-Jun-13 18-Jun-13 18-Jun-13   2013 Public Demonstration of Voting Equimpment
4-Jun-13 4-Jun-13 4-Jun-13   2013 Notice of  Primary Election Voting Schedule
21-May-13 21-May-13 21-May-13   2013 Notice of Municipal Primary Election
7-May-13 7-May-13 7-May-13   2013 Notice of Municipal Office Candidates
16-Apr-13 16-Apr-13 16-Apr-13   2013 Notice of Municipal Offices (amended)
2-Apr-13 cancelled     2013 Notice of Municipal Offices
19-Mar-13 19-Mar-13 19-Mar-13    
5-Mar-13 5-Mar-13 5-Mar-13    
19-Feb-13 19-Feb-13 19-Feb-13    
5-Feb-13 5-Feb-13      
15-Jan-13 15-Jan-13 15-Jan-13    
4-Jan-13 4-Jan-13      
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