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Help Bring the Angel of Hope to West Point!

The Christmas Box Angel of Hope Statue is a place to grieve, love, and remember children that have been lost. Every year on 12/6 a vigil will be held for those that have lost a child, showing that as a community we will never forget your loss and will remain a source of support and comfort.

For West Point and the surrounding communities, bringing the Christmas Box Angel of Hope to our community represents the love, honor, remembrance, and support that we have for each other.

We Need Your Help!  Please CLICK HERE for more info!


Welcome to the West Point City website! West Point is a rural community of 9,500+ situated just 30 minutes north of Salt Lake City, along the shore of the Great Salt Lake. West Point is a family-friendly, community-oriented city. Among many of our community events is a 4th of July celebration the rivals anyone around. Come on in and see what we're all about! And please feel free to call City Hall if you have any questions!


What do YOU know about our Storm Water System?  Check out the Davis County Storm Water Coalition's 2017 Newsletter for some important and interesting info to see what you can do to help!


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