Loy Blake Park Extension Project

A Brief History of the Area

In 1996, West Point City and the Davis School District entered into an agreement for the use of the City property located directly behind West Point Elementary School. The purpose of the agreement was to create a nature park out of the flat, vacant property. A very nice nature park was created and was used by the school over the years. However, due to unforeseen liability concerns, the area was fenced off and the gates were locked. Over time, the area became overgrown with Russian Olive trees, weeds, phragmites, and some over-protective geese. What was once a nice outdoor classroom became an overgrown eyesore that budgets could no longer support.

In 2015, with the nature park in disarray, discussions began between the School and City Officials. The School District recognized that the area was too large for them to maintain and the small budget allotted for maintenance was just not sufficient. The School District asked if they could give the care and responsibility of the property back to the City and terminate the agreement. City Officials were reluctant to take over the property in the condition it was in, and so agreed to this plan only after the park was returned to a usable condition. The City’s budget could not support revitalizing this area without assistance, and the long-term maintenance of a nature park was a big concern. During the Spring of 2015, work began to transform the neglected nature park into something available and usable to all residents. The Russian Olive trees were cleared out, geese were relocated by professionals, and weeds were grubbed out.

The Development of the Expansion Plan

On May 5, 2015, the City held a public open house to discuss the future of the property. The City presented a few different options and asked for public input. We had several residents attend the open house and submit comments and drawings for the Council to consider. We appreciate all who took time to share their thoughts, comments, and opinions with the City during that time, and the City Council has reviewed all of the comments and drawings that were submitted. In the end, the decision was made that the road at 520 North needed to be connected. This will help significantly with the safety issues of school children by providing another access out of the school pick-up/drop-off area. The School District indicated their willingness to participate in the construction of a parking lot, as they recognize the parking issues at the school and were willing to help alleviate those problems. 520 North was connected, a parking lot was constructed, and work continues as outlined below.

Project Timeline

*You can find images of the tentative Park layout and Splash Pad
under "Maps and Designs" on the top left of this page!*

Project Schedule Update - July 9, 2018

Unfortunately this project has encountered many unexpected delays, which often happens in construction. The Splash Pad has been poured and the equipment installed. We are hoping to still have the Splash Pad open so it can be enjoyed for a couple of weeks before school starts. There is still some concrete work that needs to be done as well as landscaping. Once the sod is installed around the Splash Pad we need to give it at least 2 weeks to establish roots.

The restroom building should be installed in the next 2-3 weeks as well.

Most of the grass planted in the new area will be seeded and we ask that you please stay off of it while it grows. The area immediately surrounding the Splash Pad will be planted in sod so it can be used it sooner.

We are sad that the project has taken so long and that we haven't had the summer to enjoy it. Once it opens we will establish a schedule for the remainder of the year and get that out.

Thank you for your patience!

Park Expansion Plan

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