**As of June 1, 2023, Impact Fees for North Davis Fire District must be paid directly to NDFD on their website at NDFD Public Safety Impact Fees. **

All building permits are submitted online using the online permit portal. To submit a permit, pay for a permit, or request an inspection, use the online permit portal.

You may also call Jenn at 801-776-0970 for more information about building permits and inspections. 

The Building Department is responsible for all building inspections and plan review. They ensure that all buildings are constructed in accordance with current building codes.

All building applications are accepted online. This is done through our online portal. Instructions for how to use the portal can be viewed on the Building Portal Process (PDF). 

Permit Fees

You must now pay your permit fees on our online portal. When your permit is ready to be issued, you will be emailed an invoice. The link to pay your fees can be found at the bottom of the invoice. Permit fees can be paid with Card or Electronic Check. If paying by card, a 3% service charge will apply. (Visa and MasterCard only). If paying by check, the check will be processed as an electronic check.

Permit fees vary according to each project. Some are determined by valuation of the project and some by square footage being completed, size of the structure or number of inspections needed. 

Single family home permits vary in price according to lot and house size, whether a basement will or will not be finished, whether there will be patio covers or decks. Larger lot sizes determine the impact fees being charged. Call 801-776-0970 to receive an estimate of the permit cost. 

Building Permits are required for new construction and most remodels or upgrades to existing homes, as well as for accessory buildings that are over 200 square feet. Accessory buildings that are under 200 square feet have a separate application. Permits are also required for re-roofs, electrical work, signs, and fences.

An application must be submitted to the Building Department and a permit issued before work can begin.

Homes Under Construction