Financial Assistance Programs

Are you struggling to make your utility payment? If so, please reach out to us BEFORE a water shut off occurs so we can try to help and/or make arrangements with you. 

Below are some other financial assistance programs that could be beneficial:

Department of Workforce Services 

  • Temporary services are available including food, financial, Medicaid/medical and child care assistance, work placement & disability assistance.

  • Temporary financial assistance and related support services

  • Assistance with bills such as your home energy bill, medical bills, telephone service and prescription drug costs

  • Public assistance programs, food benefits, energy assistance, health care benefits and medical assistance, cash assistance, job programs and more.

How to find financial support

  • Expert advise on getting connected to assistance programs and financial support for utility bills

Reduce Costs and Save Money

  • Ideas on How to Reduce Your Home Energy Costs & Save Money