All residential lots are required to have landscaping. Requirements can be found in West Point City Code section 17.70.040.localscape Opens in new window

Localscape or xeriscape landscaping is permitted with approval from staff. An application must be submitted with a landscape plan attached. 

Residential Landscaping Application (PDF)

Park Strips

No new turfgrass shall be planted in park strips or areas with a width of eight feet or less. Park strips shall be landscaped with trees, shrubs, pavers, rock, mulch, or another ground cover. Concrete may be used as long as it is constructed in a way that distinguishes it from the adjacent sidewalk such as stamping with a brick, stone or finishing it with other decorative patterns. All exposed utilities (such as meter boxes and valves) located in the park strip shall have a minimum clearance of one foot from all concrete.

Only specific trees are permitted to be planted in the park strip. The approved list of trees can be found here

Approved Park Strip Trees