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Welcome to the West Point Arts Council webpage! We have three main objectives: First, to help people develop artistic talents and abilities; Second, to present live productions for the cultural education, entertainment and inspiration of the community; and Third, to encourage and sponsor social activities related to the arts! Be sure to check in often so you don't miss out on all the fun and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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West Point's Native Flute Circle,

 Featuring Bruce 'Sequoia' Koster - FacilitatorUntitled design

 What is a Flute Circle? A flute circle is a gathering of people who meet regularly to learn, play, share, or simply enjoy the music of the Native flute. All levels of flute-playing skill are welcomed, from beginner to experienced. The flute circle embraces a philosophy of improvisation and 'playing from the heart' so no musical experience is necessary.

What will happen in the Flute Circle?The flute circle will have a 'facilitator' who helps to guide the group, assisting beginners with the basic guidelines for creating melodies and playing duets. The flute circle invites the use other instruments such as drums, shakers, rain sticks, etc. Joining the flute circle brings sociality, creativity, and most of all, it's lots of fun to play! The group is for those who love playing the Native American Flute or want to learn to play. We'll have guided activities that will hone your playing skills as well as an opportunity for 'open mic' time, solos or ensembles. Please bring your flutes, drums and shakers and join in on the fun! All skill levels are welcome. A limited number of flutes will be made available for you to try out.

When: 1st & 3rd Fridays in April and May, 4-5 PM @ City Hall 

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